About the Drying Net

The Drying Net will Dry your hair extensions with Ease.
How are you drying Your hair extensions? Wigs and Weaves ?
Are you tired off letting them air dry?
Tired of them falling out of the salon dryer onto the floor?

dryingnet1Increase Your Profits

The Drying Net is a simple yet revolutionary product.  It is designed to dry hair extensions, hair pieces, toupees, and wigs.  Combs, brushes, rollers, and other tools of the trade can be used in the drying net.

Time is Money

This innovative product allows you to multitask by drying the hair extensions while you are servicing your client, leaving the stylists hands free.

Save time blow drying wefts of the hair extensions.

Using the Drying Net will allow the weft to dry completely.

Saves your extensions from falling on the floor.