How are you drying your hair extensions? Wigs and Weaves ?
Are you tired off letting them air dry?

No More! Those days can be over for you.

Dry your hair extensions with ease!

Benefits of the DryingNet

  • Allows you to multi-task
  • Saves time
  • Increase Productivity
  • Protects hair dryer from moisture, rust
  • Decreases maintenance on salon dryer
  • Allows you to check on hair without removing the Drying Net
  • Will dry hair completely in a timely manner.
  • Great for students to dry sanitized tools and implements

The Drying Net is a simple yet revolutionary product.  It is designed to dry hair extensions, hair pieces, toupees, and wigs.  Combs, brushes, rollers, and other tools of the trade can be used in the drying net.